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Before we started Trillium, we ourselves were IT professionals. Back then, just as it is today, there were certain sentiments generally held about staffing agencies. The recruiters only seemed to have interest as long as they perceived a potential hire in us. Once that possibility was ruled out they no longer had the time to return voicemails or provide updates.


We are a pioneer recruitment consultancy agency that has reinvented the way traditional recruitment occurs in IT Industries. We have made it more effective and efficient for both employers and prospective employees by injecting the technical expertise into recruitment and professionalizing the qualification process.

We at Trillium, invest ourselves entirely in our client’s success, creating strong collaborative relationships that deliver extraordinary value year after year. We offer this through our team of excellence oriented, experienced and well rounded consultants. We influence our vast pool of expert technical, functional and business resources to brisk scale to meet our client business needs.